Tatiana Moskalkova

Ms Tatiana Moskalkova was born on 30 May 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus, to a family of a serviceman, officer of the Airborne Forces, participant in the Great Patriotic War. 

Ms Moskalkova has higher legal education; academic degrees of Doctor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy, and the title of Professor; she is a retired Police Major General. 

She has been given three state awards, a commendation from the President of the Russian Federation; a Certificate of Merit from the Government of the Russian Federation; certificates of merit from the State Duma and the Council of the Federation, more than 30 ministry’s rewards.

Ms Moskalkova is a widow; she has a daughter and two grandchildren.

Ms Moskalkova took part in the elections as a deputy to the State Duma of the third convocation; she represented the Yabloko party in the Rybinsk single member constituency. She lost the elections, having taken the second place.

Professional experience:

1974–1984 — the Pardon Department of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR (a record keeper, senior legal adviser, consultant). Job description: preparing draft decisions on granting pardon to convicted persons (more than 3 thousand drafts were prepared).

1984–2007 — law divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, the RSFSR, the Russian Federation (job titles — from Senior Desk Officer of the Law Unit of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR up to First Deputy Director of the Law Department; ranks — from Capitan to Major General). Job description: development of regulatory acts; legal examination of draft orders of the MIA to ensure their compliance with the Constitution of Russia, international agreements and federal laws. Ms Moskalkova participated in preparing of more than 100 legislative and under-legislative acts.

2007–2016 — Deputy of the State Duma of the fifth and sixth convocation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the CIS, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, a member of the Commission Controlling Data on Income, Property and Property Obligations provided by deputies of the State Duma; a member of the Working Group on Implementation of Provisions of Annual Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Chairperson of the Commission on Legislation and Regulations of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union State of Russia and Belarus; a coordinator of Russian and Estonian Interparliamentary Relations. A member of the Presidium of the Central Council of the party A Just Russia.

Together with other deputies Ms Moskalkova submitted 121 draft laws into the State Duma, 22 federal laws from that list were adopted.

In the last convocation Ms Moskalkova considered 2,053 petitions from citizens complaining about violation of their rights and freedoms. Deputy’s requests were submitted following all of the petitions.

Subjects of research studies: Protection of rights and interests of a person during criminal proceedings; Rehabilitation of illegally restrained people or innocent persons proven guilty.

In the candidate’s thesis "Respect of Honor and Dignity of a Person as a Principle of the Soviet Criminal Proceeding" (defended in 1988), the doctoral thesis "Moral Grounds of Criminal Proceeding" (defended in 1997), and other research papers Ms Moskalkova proposed to amend the law with provisions about the privilege of witness (at present, it is enshrined in Article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation), prohibition to use an evidence seized by force, threats or other illegal measures as a proof; monetary compensation for the moral damage caused by illegal criminal prosecution; a public apology to a rehabilitated person (today these norms are enshrined in Chapter 18 of the Criminal Procedure Code). Those years these proposals were revolutionary. Almost all of them have been enshrined into the law.

Ms Moskalkova acted as a representative at the Constitutional Court in 1999, 2002, 2005 (resolutions of the Constitutional Court as of 14 July 1998 No. 86-O, as of 27 June 2005 No. 7-P, as of 12 March 2002 No. 9-P).

Ms Moskalkova represented Russia’s interests as a member of the Russian delegation to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.