The updated version of the official website of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation has been launched in December 2014. It is the sixth version since 1999.

Information support of the website is ensured by the Department for Cooperation with the Media (Press Centre) at the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation.

All the content and technical innovations are aimed at facilitating the portal search to make it clearer and more comfortable to use. In developing the website, suggestions of users concerning optimisation of the website structure and content have been taken into account.

The website 2014 has for the first time the English version and the version for visually impaired. In addition, the current version has an improved application form for those who want to submit an e-form to the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia. The section on Russian regional commissioners for human rights has been considerably extended; a new section on international cooperation has been launched to include international human rights documents ratified by Russia.

The portal contains all the materials published since March 2014. For earlier publications see

You may send your comments and suggestions concerning the content of the Commissioner’s website at