The Federal Constitutional Law on the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation stipulates the creation of the Expert Council to provide advisory assistance to the commissioner. Ella Pamfilova has decided that the Expert Council will include both the scientists recognised in the human rights community and showing academic interest in the subject of human rights, and the representatives of public associations engaged in restoration of human rights of our country’s citizens. It has been planned to open some sections dealing with the human rights violation problems, law machinery, human rights in the military forces, the access to court, civil and political rights (to elect, to receive information, to freedom of assemblies, associations, religion), social and economic rights (education, health care, environment, housing, labour rights). It has been also resolved to take care of some of the most vulnerable social groups: orphans, the disabled, mentally disabled, refugees, and migrants. In addition, the ‘flashpoints’, where a range of human rights are being violated (the North Caucasus, first of all) will not be set aside.

The Expert Council will work according to an ‘umbrella’ principle – i.e. the member of the council will be authorised to involve other specialists, as well as those from the regions. The Expert Council will also be entitled to provide the Commissioner with suggestions on both the system problems and those requiring rapid response.