Pamfilova calls news she tried to persuade Savchenko to waive lawyers “utter nonsense”

30 January 2015
Pamfilova calls news she tried to persuade Savchenko to waive lawyers “utter nonsense”

Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova disproved the information that she had been allegedly persuading Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko to waive the lawyers.

"It is a folly and utter nonsense," Ms Pamfilova said to Interfax on Friday.

Ms Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feygin twitted Ella Pamfilova had allegedly been talking Nadezhda into waiving her counsels. "The authorities got Pamfilova involved to persuade Nadezhda to waive the lawyers. Pamfilova told Nadezhda Savchenko that the lawyers were kind of publicity seekers while it should be done in a kind of different way — quietly," Mr Freygin said.

"Such irresponsible claims of the defenders are evidently not doing any good to their defendants," Ms Pamfilova commented.
"I have my own opinion on the efficiency of lawyer Mark Freygin in the case of Nadezhda Savchenko. I am entitled to give it, but not more than that," the Commissioner said.

"The only thing I was trying to persuade Nadezhda into was to stop the hunger strike," Ms Pamfilova said, having visited Nadezhda Savchenko at the hospital of the ‘Matrosskaya Tishina’ remand centre in Moscow on Friday.

"Obviously, in the course of our rather long meeting we discussed all important aspects within my mandate. Obviously, there were no and there could not be any benefits and any provocative proposals to Ms Savchenko on my behalf," Ms Pamfilova underlined.

On Friday, laywer Nikolay Polozov said during the meeting Ella Pamfilova had allegedly promised Nadezhda Savchenko "all sorts of benefits and severely criticised the lawyers".


Source: Interfax

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