On March 18, two Russian TV hosts: author of the film The Crimea. The way home Andrey Kondrashov and director-general of Rossiya Segodnya Dmitry Kiselyov were declared personas non grata in Moldova.

On March 23, journalist, historian and announcer at the Sputnik radio Armen Gasparyan was deported from Moldova, where he was declared persona non grata.

On April 20, three journalists of the TV Center channel (Russia) were refused to enter Moldova; the refusal was based on the wording «an unclear purpose of the visit». According to correspondent of the TV channel Artyom Shirokov, the camera crew faced difficulties while going through a passport checkpoint in Kishinev.

On May 17, a camera crew of the RT Arabic was attacked by police whereas they were shooting a video about Israelite settlers who were marching across Jerusalem with broadsheets «Jerusalem is for the Israeli». The police damaged a camera and forbade shooting, even though the crew had the accreditation.

On July 13, Rossiya Segodnya reported that the account of its representative office in Britain at Barclays back was closed. As reported by the news agency, the official notification of the closure was not received, although Barclays’ spokesman confirmed it during the telephone conversation. The reason for closing was not announced.

On September 7, director of the RT Ruptly video agency Alexey Amelushkin was deported from Moldova and had his camera confiscated.

On September 7, journalists Alexey Kazannikov and Nataly Kalisheva were detained by Ukrainian frontier guards and had their flash drive with reportage confiscated.
On September 16, correspondent of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper Galina Sapozhnikova was deported from Lithuania.

On October 3, a camera crew of the NTV channel was detained by Moldavian frontier guards and deported from Moldova.

On October 7, two journalists of Russia 24 were rejected to enter Moldova, where they were going to work during the European championship.

On October 15, Russian correspondent Nikolay Vasiliev and his camera crew were detained by Estonian border guards after having shot the antimigration rally on the Toompea limestone hill and returning back to Russia. They had their documents, mobile phones and working equipment confiscated.

On November 23, a group of Russian journalists came under fire in Syria. Tree of them were injured, one was contused.

On November 19, a camera crew of the NTV channel’s «Central Television» program was assaulted in Brussels’ northern outskirts, where they were looking for the relatives or friends of the terrorist who had committed a suicide bombing at the Stade de France stadium in Paris.

On November 23, the car with RT journalists Roman Kosarev and Sargon Hadaya and TASS correspondent Alexey Elistratov inside was attacked by missiles in Syria.

On December 8, a camera crew of the Russia 1 TV channel headed by journalist Aleksander Buzaladze was deported from Turkey.

On December 13, journalist of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency Leonid Sviridov left Poland, being deprived of his residence permit without any court’s ruling.

On December 14, historian and anchor of the Kultura TV channel Felix Razumovsky was declared persona non grata in Lithuania. He and all other members of his camera crew were not allowed to enter the country