Immortal Regiment marched across 60 countries of the world

10 May 2017

On November 24 2004, the UN General Assembly declared May 8 and May 9 as Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation.

"While the world is suffering from that many conflicts, everyone should do his or her best in order to stop them and prevent them in future," the UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasized.

According to media reports, the Immortal Regiment march took place all over the world this year. Official actions alone, which were approved and supported by authorities, were held in 60 countries.

In the USA, the Immortal Regiment marched in twenty cities. In Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the action was conducted for the first time, and about 250 citizens participated.

It was also the first time, when the Immortal Regiment march took place in Bologna, Italy. The organizers appreciated the support of the local population who sang the "Katyusha" song together with the procession’s participants.

In Beijing Chinese students and local residents joined the Immortal Regiment carrying portraits of their fathers and grandfathers who had fought in Manchuria. The participants paid respect to the heroes of the Second World War in front of the Soviet Falcon monument, a collective image of soviet pilots who had struggled in China.

Citizens of Prague walked as a column in order to honour the memory of those who had fought against the Nazis as part of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps and the Red Army.

The number of participants reached new heights in several French cities. In Paris the procession took place for the third time. The cities of Marseille, Lyon, Nice and Montpellier also joined the action this year.

The Immortal Regiment march in honour of the 72nd Great Patriotic War Anniversary was also held in Barcelona, Spain, in Seoul, South Korea, in Liège, Belgium, and in Pattaya, Thailand.

Action Nobody Has Been Forgotten And Nothing Has Been Forgotten was conducted in Kiev. Several thousand citizens sang songs of wartime and carried portraits of their friends and relatives while participating in the Immortal Regiment march on Victory Day as people in other cities of the world did.

In Russia the Immortal Regiment march takes place for the 10th time and has become a national tradition. Residents of large cities and small towns march as part of the procession to keep alive the national memory of the prize paid during the Great Patriotic War for peace and descendants’ life.

Adapted from mass media

Photo: RIA Novosti

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