Victim's right to access justice was restored

25 December 2017

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation was addressed by citizen S. with a complaint about the red tape and omissions of police officers while conducting an inquiry into the facts of his being beaten and extortion of money.

In his complaint, the applicant pointed out that in November 2016 in Samara he, along with his friends, had been beaten in a public place by unknown persons who were detained by police officers immediately after committing the crime. As a result of the beating, he was injured, however, despite the fact that he had reported the commission of the crime to the police, the perpetrators had never been brought to justice

Based on the results of the procedural inspection, it was decided not to initiate a criminal case that resulted in violation of S.'s rights of access to justice.

Having familiarized himself with the materials submitted, the High Commissioner sent a request to the Oktyabrsky District prosecutor’s office in Samara.

According to the response, after further verification a criminal case was initiated and the applicant was recognized as a victim.

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Dialogue with society. Assistance to serviceman

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