Thanks to High Commissioner the innocence of accused was proved

28 December 2017

Military serviceman P. addressed to the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation. According to the applicant, he was initiated into a criminal case about evasion from military service and performance of military duties by another deception.

In March 2016 P. went on leave to the Republic of Buryatia, where his family lives, including five children. On arrival, he took up military registration in the military commissariat and withdrew from the military registration on the day of the trip back to the Moscow Region. He had all necessary documents with him, he had no comments from the commanders and no official investigations were carried out against him.

A year later P. was summoned to the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Balashikha garrison, where he was interrogated about the circumstances of the granted basic leave in 2016 for a period of 45 days, taking into account the road 7 days to the place of the holiday and back. A soldier was released from his post and a criminal case was opened, as a result of which his family suffered significant financial losses and severe stress. At the time of the appeal to the High Commissioner, the preliminary investigation lasted for 5 months.

Having familiarized herself with the materials submitted, the High Commissioner sent a request to the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office.

In December, a letter of gratitude was received from citizen P. and his family members, in which it was reported that the criminal case was dismissed and the right to rehabilitation and reinstatement was recognized.

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Dialogue with society. Assistance to serviceman

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