High Commissioner helped to confirm fact of evacuation of family during war

16 December 2016

With assistance of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia petitioner L. has been provided with information about evacuation of her family during the war. The information will help her elderly brothers to ascertain the social status of war children.

Citizen L. petitioned the High Commissioner on behalf of her brothers of 84 and 75 years old. The woman tried to find information about her family being evacuated to the Novaya Lyalya city during the Great Patriotic War in order to ascertain the social status of war children for herself and the two brothers. Having appealed to the Tracing and Information Centre of the Red Cross, she managed to confirm the fact of evacuation of her parents and herself. The petitioner asked the High Commissioner to assist to restore her right to information and the right of her brothers to assigning the social status of war children.

After an appeal of the High Commissioner to the Head of the Novolyalinskiy District, the necessary information was found in the district administration. Moreover, the State Archive of Sverdlovsk Region sent an archive record about evacuation of the family to the petitioner L.

Thus, with assistance of the High Commissioner the petitioner was provided with the necessary information, and her elderly brothers got an opportunity to ascertain the war children status and obtain the relevant social benefits.

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