High Commissioner assisted in changing measure of restraint for accused

30 October 2017

High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova received a request from citizen P. to protect her husband’s A. interests. In October 2015, the man was taken into custody as part of a criminal investigation.

According to the applicant, her husband has five children from his first marriage (four are underaged), and three from a second marriage, one of whom is disabled. All the children needed communication with their father and financial help; in addition, A. has an elderly mother.

"During my husband’s prolonged detention, his two businesses have already failed. At the same time, the crimes charged to him are not corrupt, violent or terrorist so the detention of my husband is not humane and fair," she wrote.

Having familiarized with the materials provided, the High Commissioner sent a request to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Komi.

According to the response, in August, the preventive measure for A. was changed to house arrest.

In October, the High Commissioner’s Office received a letter of thanks from P.: "Dear Tatiana Nikolaevna! From all our family we want to thank you for your cooperation. I and the children are now communicating with A., see each other, it is very important for us."

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Dialogue with High Commissioner. Ownership

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