Help to a military pensioner

16 August 2017

Thanks to the assistance of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, social rights of a pensioner have been restored.

In October 2016, the High Commissioner was addressed by resident of Solnechnogorsk Sh., a military pensioner. According to the applicant, she tried to obtain a lump-sum she qualified for in the Office No. 1 of the Pension Fund of Russia for Solnechnogorsk District within more than 7 months.

Having familiarized with the materials submitted, the High Commissioner sent a request to the administration of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for Moscow and the Moscow Region with a request to take appropriate measures.

The resolution of Sh.’s issue was delayed, since the responsible institution referred one day to the need to obtain additional information, another day to software that did not allow correcting the error made.

In May, the High Commissioner sent a letter to First Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund of Russia Lilia Chizhik with a request to take measures to stop red tape and promptly restore the applicant’s rights.

On July 10, pension savings were paid to Sh. in full.

On July 31, the High Commissioner received a letter of from Sh. In which the pensioner thanked her for the assistance and protection she had provided for a year and a half.

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