Accused person released on bail

14 December 2016

With assistance of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, violations of rights and freedoms of a Novosibirsk resident committed during criminal investigation have been eliminated.

The High Commissioner received a complaint from Ms K., whose father was accused of a crime. The complainant alleged that during the investigation her father was detained illegally. Her attempts to appeal the initial court decision were unsuccessful.

Having considered the complaint, the High Commissioner petitioned the Novosibirsk Prosecutor’s Office to conduct an inspection related to the complaint.

Based on a request of the regional Prosecutor’s Office, the Novosibirsk Regional Court reversed the ruling of the Novosibirsk district court and changed the preventive measure.

Therefore, with assistance of the High Commissioner the violations of the criminal procedural law have been eliminated. The citizen was released on bail until preliminary investigation is completed.

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Fair trial

07 June 2017

Thanks to the assistance of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, it was possible to restore a woman’s right to a fair trial.

High Commissioner defended the rights of a disabled person

02 June 2017

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation received an appeal for the protection of the rights of the disabled person in group 1, 62-year-old Natalya Jankovich, who at that time had been detained for almost a year on the charge of especially serious offence under clause "a", part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — for the abduction of her own daughter by transporting her to a medical organisation for drug treatment.

Protection of migrant workers

26 May 2017

An essential task of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is international co-operation. Only collaborative work with foreign colleagues and sense of common purpose may lead to success.

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