Trans-Baikal Commissioner redressed an injustice in respect to disabled person

15 May 2017

Thanks to the assistance of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Trans-Baikal Territory Nikolay Kargin, an inspection of the medical setting was initiated for rendering of poor medical attendance.

The Commissioner received an appeal from citizen P., disabled person of group II. According to the applicant, in June 2016, he had been rendered an inappropriate medical attendance in the regional hospital that led to significant health deterioration.

Having attentively examined the furnished materials, Nikolay Kargin, together with representatives of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Health Care in the Trans-Baikal Territory, made an inspection of the medical setting in the course of which numerous violations were detected. Not only standards of medical treatment with regard to manipulations and consultations of specialists raised questions, but also the paper work did.

As a result of the inspection, the administration of the hospital received an improvement notice. Besides, disciplinary measures were taken with regard to a physician in charge, a nurse and the head of the hospital unit.

Since the determination of the degree of guilt, of degree of responsibility of medical attendants as well as of the link between the actions of doctors and matured adverse consequences are all pertain to the competence of judicial and investigative organs, Nikolay Kargin sent the materials of complaint to the Criminal Investigation Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Trans-Baikal Territory for its further examination and the decision making within its competence.

The situation remains on personal control of the Commissioner.

Adapted from the Press Service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Trans-Baikal Territory

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Arkhangelsk Commissioner met with journalists

Arkhangelsk Commissioner met with journalists

17 October 2017

On October 16, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Arkhangelsk Region Lyubov Anisimova met with the heads of regional and city state newspapers.

Moscow Commissioner took part in international conference of ombudsmen

Moscow Commissioner took part in international conference of ombudsmen

16 October 2017

In October, Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow Tatiana Potyaeva took part in the International Ombudsmen Conference organized by the Association of American Ombudsmen in San Antonio (USA, Texas).

Protection of electoral rights discussed in Stavropol Territory

13 October 2017

On October 13, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Stavropol Territory Alexey Selyukov took part in the plenary session of the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Citizen. Elections. Governance» organized by the administration and the Election Commission of the region.

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