Illegal credit institution subjected to administrative liability in Chelyabinsk

11 April 2017

With the help of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Chelyabinsk Region Margarita Pavlova it became possible to hold a credit institution administratively liable for advertising legislation violation.

The citizen of Chelyabinsk Region Ms. M. applied to the Regional Commissioner. According to the applicant, she turned to The Financial Help Office («the Office») to take a loan. The Office demanded from Ms. M. 15% of the loan amount for its services.
After that, Ms. M. was directed to other organizations to draw up the loan. Ms. M. got a loan denial and appealed to the Office with a claim for refund. However, she was refused.

Having carefully studied the appeal, Margarita Pavlova sent a request to the Office. According to the answer from the organization it provides only information and consulting services for potential borrowers of financial institutions, it isn’t and can’t be liable for the actions of banks.

In the applicant’s interests the Commissioner sent an appeal to the Chelyabinsk Prosecutor’s Office and to the Regional Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service concerning the fact of unlawful actions of the Office.

According to the results of the inspection carried out by law enforcement agencies, an administrative offence case on the grounds of violation of the advertising law of the Russian Federation was initiated. In particular, the advertisement of the financial institution, placed in a regional newspaper and online, was found to be inappropriate since it contained the phrases «… Credit… a positive decision…», «Favorable credit to everyone! …», «Guarantee of approval of at least two banks «.

The situation remains under the personal control of Margarita Pavlova.

According to the press service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Chelyabinsk region

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