Commissioner in the Republic of Ingushetia restored the victim’s rights

06 July 2017

Thanks to the assistance of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Ingushetia Dzhambulat Ozdoev it was possible to restore the victim’s rights.

The regional Commissioner received an appeal from citizen of Nazran O. with a request to restore his right to reparation of material damage.

In November 2016, next door to the applicant’s home, law enforcement officers carried out investigative operations to locate persons involved in terrorist activities. As a result of a special operation, the main house and the outbuildings of citizen O. were considerably damaged.

Representatives of the local administration drafted an act on causing material damage, a criminal case was initiated on this fact, under which O. was recognized as a victim.

The applicant asked the regional Commissioner for assistance in obtaining material compensation for the damaged property. Having requested the administration of Nazran, he received a reply that compensation payments are not provided in such cases.

Having familiarized himself with the materials provided, Dzhambulat Ozdoev held a number of meetings with local authorities’ representatives of Nazran, law enforcement agencies and the Office of the Republic of Ingushetia on the Protection of Population and Territories against Emergency Situations. With the participation of the victim, an agreement on the compensation for the damage sustained was reached.

Adapted from the Press Service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Ingushetia

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Irkutsk Commissioner helped in restoring applicant's housing rights

15 December 2017

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Irkutsk Region Valeriy Lukin received an appeal from Citizen S. who complained about the eviction from the accommodation which she and her grandmother moved into in 2011 with the agreement of the Irkutsk administration, but without the necessary documents. At that time they occupied the controversial residential premises as fire victims: in 2003 their house burned down, and in 2004 the family was given only a room as a temporary living place. However, in 2017 the Irkutsk administration put forward a demand to S. and her family for eviction from the occupied apartment without providing other housing.

Meeting of public assistants of regional Commissioner took place in Tatarstan

Meeting of public assistants of regional Commissioner took place in Tatarstan

12 December 2017

On the eve of the International Human Rights Day, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin met with public assistants of the regional Commissioner, representatives of human rights organizations, scientists and experts.

Chuvash Commissioner held human rights lesson for students

Chuvash Commissioner held human rights lesson for students

11 December 2017

On December 11, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chuvash Republic Nadezhda Prokopyeva held a lesson on human rights for students on the theme «Implementation of the State Policy in the Protection of Human Rights» as part of the celebration of the International Human Rights Day.

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