Commissioner in Moscow Region assisted large family in housing problem solving

13 September 2017

In November 2016, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Moscow Region Yekaterina Semyonova received an appeal from resident A. of the urban district Chekhov.

The head of a large family lived for several years with relatives and did not have the opportunity to rent housing. The disabled child suffered from a disease forbidding together living in the same apartment. On the basis of part 2 of Article 57 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation, A. had the right to an extraordinary provision of housing under a social employment contract.

In 2014, the family was registered as needy for living quarters. After appeals to the local administration, A. received answers that there were no flats in the municipal housing stock.

Employees of the regional Commissioner’s office gave the applicant a reply stating that his family, according to the norms of providing the area of living space under the social contract, established in the municipality, must provide a living space with a total area of 84 square meters, in addition, he has the right to apply to the Chekhov Court with the claim for resettlement out of turn.

But the opportunity to provide citizen A. with an apartment from the municipality was not presented, and in July 2017 the applicant repeatedly appealed to the Ombudsperson. Ekaterina Semenova sent a request to the Chekhov Prosecutor’s Office.

According to the response, Citizen A. was given a three-room apartment with an area of 97.6 square meters. The man expressed his gratitude to the regional Commissioner and the staff of the Office for coordinated and effective work.

Adapted from the press service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Moscow Region

Photo: open sources

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Irkutsk Commissioner helped in restoring applicant's housing rights

15 December 2017

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Irkutsk Region Valeriy Lukin received an appeal from Citizen S. who complained about the eviction from the accommodation which she and her grandmother moved into in 2011 with the agreement of the Irkutsk administration, but without the necessary documents. At that time they occupied the controversial residential premises as fire victims: in 2003 their house burned down, and in 2004 the family was given only a room as a temporary living place. However, in 2017 the Irkutsk administration put forward a demand to S. and her family for eviction from the occupied apartment without providing other housing.

Meeting of public assistants of regional Commissioner took place in Tatarstan

Meeting of public assistants of regional Commissioner took place in Tatarstan

12 December 2017

On the eve of the International Human Rights Day, Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin met with public assistants of the regional Commissioner, representatives of human rights organizations, scientists and experts.

Chuvash Commissioner held human rights lesson for students

Chuvash Commissioner held human rights lesson for students

11 December 2017

On December 11, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chuvash Republic Nadezhda Prokopyeva held a lesson on human rights for students on the theme «Implementation of the State Policy in the Protection of Human Rights» as part of the celebration of the International Human Rights Day.

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