Chelyabinsk Commissioner assisted in restoration of Russian citizenship

16 May 2017

Citizen L. appealed to Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region Margarita Pavlova with the request to restore her citizenship and to get new Internal Russian passport.

According to the applicant, she was born in South Ossetia and has been permanently living in the Chelyabinsk Region for 22 years. However, her passport was invalidated due to a mistake made by the migration service.

L. stated that she obtained the Internal Russian passport in 2001. In 2015, her son reached the age of 14 and applied for a passport. He was denied in the citizenship since his mother did not have it either.

To restore her citizenship, the applicant contacted the relevant Department of the Federal Migration Service Directorate several times. The regional Directorate of the Federal Migration Service was requested to verify passport authenticity and replied in the negative 3 months later. It was suggested, L. collect necessary documents and undergo naturalization procedure again.

The situation escalated since the woman was pregnant. Without the citizenship, she had no access to a number of rights and privileges, including the right to free medical care and maternity grants.

Having scrutinized the application, Margarita Pavlova applied to the relevant Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the request to protect the rights of the woman.

As a result of the regional Commissioner’s assistance, the necessary documents for L.’s naturalization were accepted.

In May, the Commissioner received an official message of thanks from the applicant who obtained a Russian passport.

Adapted from the Press Service of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Chelyabinsk Region

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Arkhangelsk Commissioner met with journalists

Arkhangelsk Commissioner met with journalists

17 October 2017

On October 16, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Arkhangelsk Region Lyubov Anisimova met with the heads of regional and city state newspapers.

Moscow Commissioner took part in international conference of ombudsmen

Moscow Commissioner took part in international conference of ombudsmen

16 October 2017

In October, Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow Tatiana Potyaeva took part in the International Ombudsmen Conference organized by the Association of American Ombudsmen in San Antonio (USA, Texas).

Protection of electoral rights discussed in Stavropol Territory

13 October 2017

On October 13, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Stavropol Territory Alexey Selyukov took part in the plenary session of the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Citizen. Elections. Governance» organized by the administration and the Election Commission of the region.

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