Ombudsmen of Russia and Turkey cooperate in helping citizens

05 July 2017

On 5 July, during the meeting of High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova and the Chief Ombudsman of the Republic of Turkey Seref Malcoc, the parties not only discussed common issues and problems of human rights activities in both countries, but also held a joint reception of citizens.

In particular, Tatiana Moskalkova asked the Turkish Ombudsman to assist in solving the difficult life situation of Zarina A.

In 2004, Russian citizen Zarina A. married a Turkish citizen Aidemir A. Two daughters were born in the marriage.

In connection with the family conflict, in April 2011, the husband took the elder daughter from Zarina. In fear of her younger child, the mother together with her daughter changed the residence, and currently they live in Moscow.

For several years, trials have been continuing in the courts of Turkey, and Russian consular offices have been providing the applicant with all kinds of assistance within the framework of their powers.

In September 2016, the staff of the Ministry of Family and Social Policy of Turkey took the eldest daughter from her father because he, having no legal grounds, kept the girl for more than five years and had a serious psychological impact on the child. However, despite the injunction to approach the daughter and the protest of the Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul, Zarina’s ex-husband was admitted to the orphanage where the eldest daughter was, and subsequently took her away on the basis of a new court ruling that completely contradicted the earlier judgments.

The corresponding appeal prepared by Zarina’s was rejected in January 2017.

Zarina herself and State Duma deputy Kazbek Taysayev also attended the Ombudsmen’s meeting and described in detail all the difficulties and obstacles they had faced in trying to settle this complex conflict.

«We have already passed all possible courts and instances, and we hope for your help and support," Kazbek Taisaev said.

In turn, Seref Malcoc noted that earlier Tatiana Moskalkova had already told him about this situation. The Chief Turkish Ombudsman said that he is in touch with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkey and monitors the situation.

As explained by the representatives of Turkey, the solution of this problem is beyond the competence of the Chief Turkish Ombudsman, since Turkey’s legislation does not allow human rights activists to interfere in cases that have already been referred to the court. However, Seref Malcoc noted that he would try to «help in resolving this issue remaining within the legal framework.»

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