Meeting of Coordinating Council of Russian Commissioners

14 December 2017

On December 14, under the auspices of High Commissioner for Human Rights the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova, the Coordinating Council of Russian Commissioners dedicated to protecting the rights of people with disabilities was held.

Opening the event, Tatiana Moskalkova stressed that the protection of the rights of disabled people remains acute.

In her speech, Tatiana Moskalkova paid special attention to improving the legislation for people with disabilities, in particular, regarding the foundation of independent medical and social expertise institution.

"Complaints on the protection of the rights of disabled persons constitute 10 percent of the total number of appeals received. We managed to restore the rights of more than 50 percent of the citizens applied. However, it is necessary to engage representatives of the High Commissioner’s Office in the development of the law on independent medical and social expertise. Joint examination of complaints and the implementation of individual methods in the videoconference mode will help to protect the rights of a larger number of disabled people," the federal ombudsperson explained.

In addition, Tatiana Moskalkova said that in the near future the High Commissioner will sign a cooperation agreement with the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise and called on regional ombudspersons to work more closely with the regional branches of the organization.

Speaking about the problem of providing jobs for disabled people, Tatiana Moskalkova noted that in recent years there has been a positive trend in this issue. However, according to the High Commissioner, the problem is still open.

"Only the first steps have been made. Persons with disabilities should be provided with greater opportunities," Tatiana Moskalkova said.

Concluding her speech, the High Commissioner stressed that the most important thing in the work of ombudspersons is communication between civil society, human rights defenders and public authorities, since the exchange of experience and best practices allows highlighting pain points and increasing the effectiveness of activities to protect the rights of citizens.

The meeting was also attended by Head of the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise of the Russian Federation Ministry of Labor and Social Protection Mikhail Dymochka, Chairperson of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation Andrey Kigim, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Tatiana Vavilycheva, and Commissioners for Human Rights in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Answering the questions of regional Commissioners, Mikhail Dymochka urged state human rights defenders to pay special attention to the improvement of the medical and social expertise system and the rehabilitation of disabled people.

Andrey Kigim presented a report on the activities of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, paying special attention to the problems of providing disabled people with rehabilitation equipment and prostheses and orthopaedic devices. In particular, the speaker stated the need to revise the existing quality standards.

Tatiana Vavilycheva talked about the main directions of judicial practice in the affairs of disabled people and gave concrete positive examples.

According to the judge, insufficient funding is not the reason for refusing to provide social guarantees to persons with disabilities.

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