Commissioner announced competition of innovative technologies in human rights education

19 December 2017

On December 19, a book exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Federal Constitutional Law «On the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation» was opened in the Russian State Library (RSL). The thematic exposition is based on rare editions from the book collections of the RSL and the library of the High Commissioner’s Office. The documents and publications presented at the exhibition reflect significant stages of the development of the institute of state human rights defence in Russia.

Opening the event, High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova recalled that the Federal Constitutional Law on the Commissioner was adopted in 1997. "By that time the institute had already had more than one century history. Indeed, the state considered that human rights were protected. The establishment of the High Commissioner’s Institution allowed to raise the protection of human rights and freedoms to a new level," Tatiana Moskalkova said.

The High Commissioner noted the importance of the instrumental tools that were provided to the Ombudsperson by the adopted law, as well as the need for interaction and constructive dialogue between Commissioners for Human Rights and governing authorities.

"Yesterday, the President of the Russian Federation presented state awards for outstanding achievements in human rights activities. Until recently, it was impossible to imagine that human rights defenders would be awarded," the High Commissioner said. Tatiana Moskalkova also mentioned the importance of raising the level of legal literacy, especially among vulnerable populations: senior citizens, people with disabilities, and citizens in places of detention. But the High Commissioner considers that human rights education of the younger generation is the most important thing in this field.

"It is very important for us that we have launched a number of educational projects: the All-Russian Open Lesson «HUMAN RIGHTS» for schoolchildren was held, «Human Rights» student course is being developed, classes are being conducted within the framework of the Master’s Programme on Human Rights," Tatiana Moskalkova said.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Institute of the state human rights defender, the High Commissioner signed a regulation on holding the All-Russian competition «Innovative technologies in human rights education on the civil rights and freedoms, forms and methods of their protection»; this competition was launched today in the RSL. The project promotes the formation of legal culture of the population, involving youth in the process of human rights education of citizens, popularization of legal knowledge in the information society.

The jury will choose winners in six categories:
— the best website / IT-content;
— the best mobile application for human rights education;
— the best interactive training program on «Human rights, forms and methods of their protection» for educational institutions;
— the best visualization of the law (infographic);
— the best video about human rights;
— the best electronic library of materials on human rights.
The results of the contest will be summed up in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — in 2018.

The opening ceremony of the anniversary exhibition was also attended by Chairman of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov, the first Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation Oleg Mironov, Commissioner for Human Rights in Moscow Tatiana Potyaeva, Director-General of the «Russian State Library» Viktor Fedorov, Vice-Chairperson of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Aslan Abashidze, as well as representatives of scientific and pedagogical community and human rights organizations.

"There has never been such an exhibition. I was pleased to see how professionally the materials were prepared. One of the main tasks of the state human rights defender is human rights education. Although the law does not specify how to implement it, the High Commissioner does an excellent job," Oleg Mironov noted the professional organization of the exhibition.

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